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Bee offers in-home daily visits at your house which includes: feeding, meds, playtime, litter box cleaning and lots of TLC. Bee's Pet Sitting is fully insured. 

Pet Sitting at your home

Half hour visits - $25

One hour visit - $40 

(Within 15 minutes of Casco)

** Visits 15 - 20 minutes from Casco - addition $5 fee

** Four or more pets - additional $5 fee



Cat Grooming

Full 'Lion Cut' - $60

Partial shave - $30 - $40

Nail trim - $15

.Holiday Charges

$10 holiday surcharge per visit for all major holidays



"Bee's Pet Sitting is the only pet sitting service I'll use! Bee does home visits for my rabbit twice a day when I'm away from home. I know my furry friend is safe and happy with her" - Jenny

"I was so impressed with this service! Your cats can stay happily in their home and will be very well cared for." - VIrginia

"I have a 12 year old kitty with long fur. Needed help with some matting. She came to my home and was able to get all of the spots clipped without having to shave her totally. She's professional, friendly, great with animals and my kitty was not traumatized." - Judi


"Bee has provided in-home pet sitting for us ranging from periods of several days to several weeks. I can tell from the cats' behavior when I return that they have been well cared for. They are not nervous or frantic but seem relaxed and content. Bee texts and sends photos while she is caring for them, something I greatly appreciate. I highly recommend Bee's services, and have been told by my vet that she has never heard anything but good reports about Bee's treatment of animals in her charge. I feel very lucky to have found Bee and will certainly continue to use her services in the future.." - Villagatta


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